Friday, August 15, 2014

Maybelline Baby Lips: Melon Mania and Rose Rush

Maybelline Baby Lips in Rose Rush (LE), Melon Mania (LE)
Moisturizing tinted lip balm
Retails: ~$3-$4 for 0.15 oz

Left: Melon Mania, sheer pink, cool
Right: Rose Rush, pinky coral, warm

Bare lips

Melon Mania

Rose Rush

Packaging: These come in your typical lip balm tubes, but I love the coloring of the packaging; bright pink and pastel green always goes really well together. Sadly, the plastic top tends to crack after opening and closing the lip balm frequently. 

Quality: As you can see, Melon Mania is quite sheer but an be built up to a light pink color. Although, if you have pigmented lips Melon Mania may not show up at all for you. Rose Rush is nicely pigmented and in real life is more of a pinky coral. The balms give a nice shine but they are rather slippery. I find the color bleeds around the edges of my lips after some time, you can sort of see this in the lip swatch for Rose Rush. And as with other Baby Lips shades, these are less than mediocre in the moisturizing department.

Thoughts: I have to admit I purchased these purely because of the packaging and the color of the balms themselves. I couldn't say no to Melon Mania's bright neon pink and Rose Rush's pretty coral. I love the slight color and sheen that these give off. I have a soft spot for corals so Rose Rush is my absolute favorite because it gives a strong layer of coral but looks super natural. I am quite annoyed by the color transferring, however. Overall, I think they are decent tinted lip balms and give me just the right color and sheen when I'm in a no-fuss-lip kind of mood (which happens a lot). Sadly, these are limited edition, but you can still get them on Amazon or eBay. 

P.S. I'm thinking of doing swatches of all of my lipsticks. A lot of them are Wet n Wild Megalast lipsticks which are amazing but don't get much use. Maybe I will do one lipstick swatch a day? 


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  2. love baby lips!