Thursday, September 18, 2014

Rimmel Show-Off Lip Lacquer in Luna

Rimmel Show-Off Lip Lacquer in Luna
Retails: ~$5-$6 on Amazon for 0.18 oz


Peachy-orange, cream, gloss

Packaging: Plastic tube with a black top that is cut to look like a crystal. The black tube fades into a gradient with the color of the lip lacquer (yes the color you see at the bottom is the actual color of the product). The applicator is angled and has a hole in it which holds extra product (no need to dip back in!). When you first open the tube it breaks some sort of pressure seal that lets the product flow up and fill that top area of the tube.  

Quality: This lip lacquer is what I consider one of those "liquid lipstick" gloss formulas where it is very opaque and creamy but gives off a bit of shine at the same time. I do find that this later dries to a matte finish and as with most pigmented matte lip products, this tends to settle in the lines of your lips. Luna is a gorgeous peachy-orange nude cream. The swatch appears quite dark in the pictures but on my lips the color is very light and gives the look of a nude lip. On my skintone, which leans very yellow, the orange in the product stands out a lot. The lip lacquer has a strong old-makeup type of smell to it.

Thoughts: I am always a sucker for peachy orange lippies and this was no exception. When I heard about the formula of these I was quite excited as I do not own any super opaque lipglosses, especially ones in a peachy nude color. Although I love the color and the packaging (I think it looks very chic), I can't say I love the formula of this, at least not in this particular color. My lips are almost never in perfect condition and Luna seems to accentuate every flake and line on my lips. After about half an hour, the shine of the gloss goes away and I am left with a dry matte lip. However, I do find that if I apply a good layer of lip balm before applying this, the gloss stays on longer and feels much more comfortable. In the end, the deal-breaker for this lip lacquer is the strong old-makeup fragrance. It doesn't quite linger on your lips, but it just isn't pleasant to smell every time you apply it. 

Will I repurchase: No. I think Rimmel did a great job with the color selections in this line and the packaging is lovely, but I think there are better opaque lipglosses out there that doesn't smell as bad. I also think that because Luna is quite milky/pastel in color it tends to accentuate any flakes and lines in your lips. However, this may not be the case for the other shades in this range. I will continue to use it since I can make it work with a bit of lip balm and the fragrance goes away soon enough. 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Get it While it's Haute: LORAC's Skinny Palette in Plum Now on Hautelook!!!

I usually don't post sales like this, but I just wanted to let my fellow makeup junkie know that LORAC's Skinny Palettes are now on, including the elusive Plum version! They are priced at $15 each, but on Hautelook you have to spend $100 or more for free shipping, otherwise shipping is $5.95. I just snagged a Plum palette for a total of $20.95 w/o tax. Still a good deal considering the palette has 0.45 oz of product! The event ends Friday, but I have a feeling it will be sold out soon! Also the Nude and Navy versions of the palette are on Amazon for free two-day shipping with Prime, otherwise it's free shipping with orders over $35.