Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Almay Intense i-Color: 401 Smoky-i for Browns

AKA: my favorite eyeshadow trio EVARR

Almay Intense i-Color Eyeshadow in 401 Smoky-i for Browns
Retails: $4.99 at Target, $6.57 at Amazon, $7.79 at CVS for 0.12 oz 

Left: satin, bronze/medium brown, warm/neutral
Middle: light lavender/purple with silver shimmer, cool/neutral 
Right: shimmer, champagne with gold shimmer, warm/neutral

Packaging: Clear plastic top with white base, snap closure, includes two sponge-tip applicators (not pictured because I lost them, oops). There's also a step-by-step tutorial on the back for an eye look (bronze shade all over lid, light purple shade in the crease, champagne shade on the brow bone). 

Quality: Although these aren't the most pigmented eyeshadows at the drugstore (the prize for that goes to Wet n Wild trios), they are definitely not the worst either. The bronze shade has the strongest pigmentation and is very smooth, the light purple and the champagne shade has a bit of glitter fall-out but it's not extreme. The champagne shade has the least pigmentation (it's mostly glitter) but it makes for a decent highlight. The light purple shade is fairly pigmented and has a gorgeous sheen to it. I also find that these shadows blend nicely and last very well on my lids with and without primer. Swatches are done with my phalanges, no primer. 

Thoughts: I love love love this eyeshadow trio! When I first swatched this I was put off by all that glitter in the top two shades, but when I wore it for the first time it. was. amazing. The bronze shade is the most perfect warm-but-not-too-warm bronze and the light purple shade is one of those Jekyll-and-Hyde shades; in some angles it's a pinky-purple, and in others it leans more blue-purple with a silver sheen. All three shades go beautifully together and make the trio extremely versatile. You can go fairly neutral with just the champagne and bronze shade or pair the light purple and bronze for a more glam look. The bronze shade can be used with a light hand or built up for a soft smoked-out eye, talk about MVP. The only qualm I have with this is that the eyeshadow pans taper at the end and make it kind of difficult to pick up eyeshadow. 

I really can't stop using this trio because it's just so easy and it looks good no matter what. I highly recommend it especially if there is some sort of deal going on. I think I basically paid 50 cents for mine at CVS using coupons and CVS extrabucks. 

P.S. Should I do some tutorials with this? I'm no makeup expert so it can be really beautiful or it can be a disaster...

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