Wednesday, August 13, 2014

LORAC The Skinny Palette in Nude (Limited Edition)

lorac nude skinny

LORAC The Skinny Eyeshadow Palette in "Nude"
Fall 2014, Limited Edition
7 eye shadows (3 matte, 4 shimmer) 
Retails: $15 for 0.45 oz
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1. matte, off-white, cool
2. metallic, gold, warm 
3. matte, light brown, warm
4. matte medium brown, warm

5. metallic, orange copper, warm
6. shimmery/satin, brown/light olive, cool
7. matte dark brown with red/pink shimmers, cool

Packaging: Light yellow with a sheen, cardboard with a reptilian texture and magnetic closure, large mirror with LORAC printed on the top (the larger LORAC text in the picture is just apart of a clear cover sheet that you can discard). The palette is slim and about 2/3rds the width of a LORAC Pro palette.  

Quality: The shadows are very pigmented and smooth, although not as buttery soft (or as powdery) as the shadows in the LORAC Pro (which I kind of prefer). The most pigmented are the metallics (shades 2 & 5) and least are the mattes (1, 3, & 4) but even then they are stellar quality and blend nicely. Swatches above are done with my phalanges, no primer. 

Thoughts: This palette is perfect for the gold/copper/bronze goddess type of looks. Even though these shades are pretty standard and easily dupe-able, having them all together in one slim pretty package well makes up for the lack of creativity. I was disappointed that it doesn't include a shimmery champagne highlight and shades 6 and 7 aren't as green or purple as I had hoped (they are actually just different hues of brown). However, for only $15 for 0.45 oz it is a major steal considering the LORAC Pro palette retails for $42 with only 0.32 oz. LORAC even labels it as a "Value of $133" (but let's be real, they can say whatever they want, we will never know the true production cost). Lastly, this palette is limited edition (sadface) and is currently sold out on the LORAC website (even sadder face). But if you have to have it, you can snag one on eBay for ~$30, which is still a good deal in my opinion. 

P.S: I really wanted the Plum version of this palette (just look at it!!) but I can't find it anywhere :( I know it was supposed to be a Hautelook/Nordstromrack exclusive released in July (yes a Fall 2014 collection in July, what is summer) but I can't even find swatches of it. Does it even exist?? 


  1. this palette and the colors are super beautiful!

  2. yes! I am so glad I was able to snag one ^^